Daily Study

I turn to YOU…

My Arab nation,
Now turn from your sins and
TURN to God,
so you can be cleansed of your sins

your FAITH in God Jesus

There is
NO other Way to God except through God Jesus

i turn to you copy.jpg

Jesus said to him, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6

Brothers, Arabs, be God’s Inheritance!

Be holy People!

Through your FAITH in God Jesus.

Worship His name in this world and in the WORLD to come!

tree copy.jpg

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree,
so that we might die to sins
and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.
1 Peter 2:24


When Im far  away from
And the cold  wind
starts to blow

When Im empty and alone

turn to You

When theres harvest in my heart

And I cannot
see the truth

Im wandering in the dark

     I turn to

its here in Your holy presence

Its all that I can do

I turn to You,

I turn to You, Lord

For the youth when I am

For the strength
when I am weak

For the
warmth when I am cold

I turn to

For the faith to
move ahead

And to let
go of the past

And to
see me as You do

I turn to
You, Jesus

And its here in Your holy

Its all that I can do

    I turn to You,

   I turn to You, Lord

For You alone are

The one and only God

Ruler of the nations

Father of my heart

I turn to You,

I turn to You, Lord

I turn to You,
You Jesus


When I
m weak I will follow

In Your arms I will stay

Will You lead me

Only You can say

I turn to You,

I turn to You

When you've prayed every prayer that you know how

Just remember the Lord will hear
and the answer is on it's way. 

Our God is able. 

He is mighty. 

He is faithful.

And He never sleeps, He never

He never tires of hearing our

When we are weak He becomes

So rest in His love and
cast all of your cares on Him. 

Do you feel that the Lord has forgotten your need. 

remember that God is always working in ways you cannot

Our God is able. 

He is

He is faithful.

Give all your worries and cares to God,
for he cares about you
1 Peter 5:7

Our God is able.
He is mighty.
He is faithful.

You are the source of life
And I can’t be left behind
No one else will do
I will take hold of You

I need You Jesus
To come to my rescue
Where else can I go
There’s no other name by
Which I am saved
Capture me with Love

My heart is Yours for life
And I need Your hand in mine
No one else will do
I put my trust in You

I will follow You
This world has nothing for me

You prepared GREAT world for ARAB nation and every ONE

who will put his TRUST in YOU Jesus! Thank You!

Praise the Lord for Your great sufferings and death

instead of us on the cross.

Thank You that You accepted ALL ours sins into Your holy body to justify us.

We all are sinners. But You are holy. Make us holy to be like You.


Worship our GREAT and PERFECT God

Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good;
Sing praises to His name, for it is lovely (Psalm 135:3)

Singing In Worship

In Ephesians 5:19 we read, Speaking to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

If you are composing music by using your talents and heart then your music is WORSHIP to God. We are CREATED to worship God in our human bodies, souls and lives. So, sing with your spirit and understanding!  Brothers, teach us in your songs and music! God listens to your music and words. If you are created to WORSHIP God then do it RIGHT NOW.

My Arab nation, your beautiful language was created by God to worship Him! Why your language is the most beautiful in the world? Because you are descendants of our father Ibrahim/Abraham and God blessed you! What can be MORE beautiful than worship of Arabs praising the TRUE and PERFECT God Jesus!?

In 1 Corinthians 14:15 we read, “I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding also.”

To listen to praises click on the picture:


To listen to praises click on the picture:


To listen to praises click on the picture:


To listen to praises click on the picture:


Arabs, God Jesus is COMING back NOT to judge you

but TO LIVE with YOU on the earth in the Kingdom of Heaven.

He will bring His Kingdom with Him!


And you will REIGN with Him!

Just BELIEVE in Him and FOLLOW Him!

Be Saved Right NOW

I declared.. that they should repent, turn to God, and do works befitting repentance. Acts 26:20

That is the right TIME for you to BE SAVED!

Fellowship with God
means YOU Arabs and Muslims
can be called sons of God.
You can be forgiven of ALL your sins!
You can be
adopted by God
THROUGH your Faith
in His Son Jesus.

Can you call Jesus the Son of God? Is He God in your life?

Have you given Him absolute control of your life and future?

Pray now to the LORD and accept His forgiveness of all your sins through FAITH in His Son – God Jesus Christ!

Pray God right now And be saved!

God is bringing Judgement. Return of the Lord Jesus and His Judgement day should make difference in our behavior. Live your best in purity. Be excited about meeting with the Lord. You should anxiously await with joiful anticipation of the Lord’s return. If your hearts is filled with anticipation, excitement and joy, it indicates that you are walking with the Lord. If you are NOT sure and confident that if you would die today you would go to Heaven, it means you need to get right with God. If you never said- YES- to Jesus, do it today!  If you have fallen away from the Lord, come back to Him today.

We will close with prayers:

Father, we believe that Jesus is coming again. We believe we need to be ready. And Lord I am praying about any person who is reading my message and if they dont have confidence that they are ready for Your return, help them to come to You today and get right with You now. Amen.

First, recognise brother, that you are sinner. Be sorry for your sin. And ask God to forgive you right now. The way as we do that TROUGH PRAYER. That’s how we communicate with God.

I’d like to lead you in prayer. If you want Christ to forgive your sins. If you want to know that when you will die you will go to Heaven then pray this prayer with me right now:

God, I know I am a sinner. And I am sorry for what I have done. And I turn from my sin now and ask You to forgive me. Thank You that Your Son Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed His blood for me. Be my Savior and my Lord. And be my friend. I want to follow You from this day forward. Fill me with Your Spirit. And help me to be Your disciple. Thank You for accepting me. Thank You for forgiving me. Thank You that I am now YOURS. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

If you sincerely asked God to forgive you then WELCOME to the family of God. Now you are adopted by God. Now you bacame His son and His inheritance. His angels have written your name in the Book of Life. And you have the BRIGHT FUTURE.

God Jesus said:

“I tell you the truth,

whoever hears my word

and believes him who sent me

has eternal life and will not be condemned;

he has crossed over from death to life. John 5:24

Walk with God and live eternally Arab nation! Amen.

Questions and Answers

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Tamer salam,

Thank you for message. Very interesting and I think I have answers.

I will answer to you in dark red color:

I am one. And i am 3 at the same time.

I am Bahira but at the same time i am body, spirit and soul. But i am one.

Body will die and I will be judged by God. Who will be judged – I. –and this is exactly the issue. each component of the three is not perfect by it’s own.– I think you are wrong. Why body of human being is not perfect? It is looking out exactly as universe…very difficult and it is functioning according to the laws of God. Why soul is not perfect? Why my spirit is not perfect? When I look at my dog I can see that even my dog is PERFECT. By the way my spirit will exist when my body will die. And my spirit is just living in my body exactly as God Jesus who is SPIRIT (because God is Spirit) was dwelling in human body.

Which defects the concept of God when we call it on each of the three items. Bahira, how can you believe in a mortal God if you say that “the body will die”? And if we assume that the three are perfect, so which one of them to follow?– Yes even Islam says that our bodies will die. But just dont forget that if you will believe in God Jesus then your body will be resurrected the same way as Jesus was resurrected. You will be resurrected to live and reign with God in His Kingdom. So, if even body (which you said is not perfect) will become perfect when we will be resurrected then God is not guilty that He created non-prefect things. Body of Jesus was also resurrected and He said that we should obey ONE God. Who is one? Look I am Bahira and I am ONE (but at the same time I am 3!!!). For example, your friend would say: ” Believe Bahira because she talked to leader of Hezbollah in Lebanon!” Should you believe me? Yes. Should you believe only my spirit? Or only my body? Or only my soul which belongs to Bahira? NO. I am ONE. If you believe to the words uttered by my mouth it means you believe in what my mind and spirit said…It means you BELIVE me no matter in which form I am existing. Why? BECAUSE I am THREE and I am ONE. My body is united with my soul and spirit. They all are acting together and they are example how God EXISTS. He is TRI-UNITED. No matter whom you will pray to the Ruh Allah or Isa Ibn Allah or Babba Allah! ALLAH is ONE.

From the other hand, when worshipping one God who is the perfection as he is the only creator, then we don’t need to go in circles to proof logics.

Water is one. But ice, snow and steam are different forms of water. The ice and snow forms because of external implications that forces the changes on the substance such heat or cold. Do you admit that God -the creator of the universe- does react to external forces? What kind of God who will have no control on his state?

Can I react to external forces that my spirit could be changed and be not the same as it was in the beginning? May be…it is called spiritual death (degradation). It is like evolution (or adaptation) to the environment. If we are subject to adaptation of the sin then we will be destroyed . And for such destroyed people there is a place to exist and it is called hell. They are able to get out of the hell of their lives RIGHT now but RISING from DEATH through their FAITH in God Jesus who was RESURRECTED and He promised to resurrect any one who will put his TRUST in Him. We will resurrect spiritually like ruins and we will become TEMPEL to worship God.

Egg is one but  n H3 at the same time. –Same as above

Arab nation is one but your son is Arab, mother is Arab and father is Arab. The son is a completely different creature. Sometimes the son disobey his father. The wife call for divorce and the husband may have a girl friend. Does this make them one? Do you believe that Jesus would take the lead from God one day when God is doing one thing that Jesus or the Holly Spirit disagree with?-

Good question. I also was thinking about it. Is it possible that Jesus will disagree with God Father one day? Will be any uprising in the Heaven? God said in the Bible that Son was obedient to Father. They have common understanding and Jesus is obedient. So, we can put our TRUST that we will be ONE with God as God is ONE with Jesus.

Bahira dear, that’s why I ask you to think logic. Because that’s how God blessed us with it to evaluate the fundamental moral s of our life. When an idea contradicts the logic and common sense we usually call it “a bad idea”– Brother our LOGIC is madness. WE are CLAY. God is Supreme Being. My dog is trying to understand me and my thoughts but it CAN NOT. Why? Because my dog will understand only what I will show (by emotions, expressing joy or anger on my face). So, we are NOT able to analyze God. We can just meditate on His Revelations and His Words. Who is His Word as Qur’an said? – Jesus is Word. He is Kallimat- Uallah.

That’s why let’s just meditate on His words and obey Him.

May God bless you! Bahira


Don’t Be “Done Like Dinner”

You are with us always unto the ends of the
earth. Only You Oh Hallowed One –are our true
heart’s desire. Without Jesus we are empty vessels of nothingness.

Where Jesus is involved the sky’s the limit! Nothing is impossible with Him so let us not limit Him. We must have abundant praises for our Lord always. With praises we can have answer to prayer. Praises are a form of prayer. In note, music or word.

Maybe we were told that we can not sing. Maybe we have listened to this and no longer sing. If we are by ourselves it does not matter but some how the words of any Christian Chorus or Hymn get lodged in our throats. Who is the loser in all this? We are!!

Satan is overjoyed to see this for if our joy is stolen then we are done like dinner. Satan’s got us!

But any weapon against us will never prosper. Jesus is the answer to our concern. He is waiting for us–He stands at the door of hearts
waiting to come in. Even if we do not let Him in
He waits. Let us open that door for what a friend we have in Jesus!

What Jesus says, supersedes all!

The Holy Spirit

Lord Jesus thank You for another wonderful day. Thank You For Yesterday and everyday to come. May it be filled with everything You have to offer. You fill our Lives with Love Lord so we can pass Your Love around the world and make an impact on the unbelievers. You give us Your Love and fill us with the Holy Spirit to help us find the words when we struggle to pray. Lord I’m asking You for these two things today for Jackie. Her mum and dad and ALL her family. Fill them ALL with the Holy Spirit Lord to help them lean to You for undestanding this trial that they are going thru. May the Holy Spirit comfort them in ther hour of need. And what EVER Your Will Lord Fill Them With YOUR LOVE. Let them know YOU are always by there side. Amen  

Lord Jesus Christ

Come Lord Jesus Christ, take Your rightful place
on the Throne of my life, I give it to You, for
eternity and I ask You Lord, to bind all that
I am through me, in all areas of my life fully
and completely that I be a glory, honor, and praise unto You. I DEGREE AND DECLARE YOU to be
on the Throne of my life, in and over all areas
of my life. Lord Jesus Christ, You are the Author and the Finisher of my faith: in all,
through all, and above all, of my life. Thy
Kingdom come, Your will be done! AMEN! AMEN!

Rev. John.

Every Promise Kept

Father, I praise You that Your promises never
fail. You always keep Your Word, as the pages
of Scripture make clear. The evidence of Your
faithfulness is overwhelming.

And yet when I consider Your promises to me,
I admit sometimes I become anxious. When You
don’t seem to be meeting my needs or answering
my prayers, I do get impatient, wondering when
You’re going to come to my rescue.

Help me to remember that in the Bible, some
promises weren’t fulfilled for months, years,
and even centuries. Yet You have always fulfilled
Your perfect plan in Your perfect time. I praise
You for teaching me to wait…so That my confidence in You may grow stronger than ever.

Rev. John.

Thank You Jesus

Father i come before Your throne humbling myself before You asking You Father ough Your Son JESUS CHRIST TO forgive me from all my sins in words in deeds and in thougths. Lord i ask you today to give joy to every heart, freedom from every lies of the devil and i speak out over stress flee from me in JESUS CHRIST NAME! Lord im nothing without You i need You today Lord guide me be with me so that i can face all the challenge in life. I THANK YOU JESUS FOR LOVING ME I will GIVE You ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE….AMEN


Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST for this day. YOU Amaze ME. The things YOU do for me shock me! But why should What YOU do for me shock me? Arnt YOU doing what YOU Said YOU would do for me(us) I am not worthy of YOUR LOVE DEAR BROTHER. I am not worthy. Please forgive me for I have sinned. Please keep healing my mind. My Heart. And my soul. Nothing I do can take away my sins and I’m so sorry JESUS but the only way for me is to place ALL my sins upon YOU. Will you speak to OUR FARTHER in MY defence. I know only YOU can Help ME. I TRUELY REPENT ALL MY SINS. Just let me know the pennents LORD and I will do what EVER it is. I AM YOURS TO USE. What can I do to thank you for MY Wonderful LIfe IN CHRIST. Thank YOU LORD. Thank YOU LORD. Thank YOU LORD. IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH. JESUS I PRAY And Give YOU PRAISE FOR MY LIFE,IN,WITH AND FOR,OUR ALMIGHTY GOD. Thy Will BE DONE. AMEN


I Love God with ALL my mind. ALL my Heart and ALL my soul.

My Lord. My God

My Lord. I am not worthy. You saved me from the pits of hell. But that is not enough for You. You want to give me more. I have done nothing to deserve Your Love. Is this the real meaning of undeserved GRACE. How can I thank You Lord. How can I thank You Lord for this path and the amazing people that walk it with me. Praise Be To God. Amen

God LOVES you
just BELIEVE in Him

john 3 16_1_red.jpg

john 3 16_2_red.jpg

Jesus said:
I Am Coming Quickly

20 He who testifies to these things says,
Surely I am coming quickly.
Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.Amen.
Revelation 22

Ya Subhan Issa Allah! Subhana Rabbi yal A’ala!

Be saved my Arab nation!

Read the Bible online here in Arabic and in many oher languages:

If you need more information or still have questions about who Jesus is,
please email me and
contact me here:



anaalmaas@maghreb.cc or fadlofallah@hotmail.com

Join us in Muslim Forum: http://www.hooreeya.wordpress.com or http://www.ummah.forumbuild.com

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